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The better you get to know your clients, the more effective an advisor you can be. That’s why I consider my clients to also be my friends. This relationship enables me to understand their financial objectives in a better context and makes me a more effective advisor.

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Warren Buffett on Contrarian Investing

You may have heard the phrase “contrarian investing,” but did you know that one of the most reliable contrary indicators is individual investors?

Retail investors often do the wrong thin... read more

JOLTS of Optimism for the Markets?

We measure the jobs market in many ways, but the Job Opening and Labor Turnover Survey or JOLTS report seems to be of particular interest to Fed Chair Jerome Powell.

The JOLTS report tells t... read more

A Taxing Story: Capital Gains and Losses

Capital gains result when an individual sells an investment for an amount greater than their purchase price. Capital gains are categorized as short-term gains (a gain realized on an asset held one ... read more

Unpacking the Summer Economy

In the financial world, some weeks are more important than others, and we just lived through a big one. Let’s unpack each of the four key stats:

The Fed. As expected, ... read more

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