Hello, I'm Adam.

I help individual investors achieve better financial outcomes through connected financial planning and tailored investment strategies.

I also assist clients in replacing emotion-based and performance-chasing investing habits with a structured and goal-based financial planning process. Starting with their most important goals, I develop a custom financial plan and investment mix designed to improve the long-term odds of financial success. Using an individualized and planning-based investment approach, my clients enjoy a better investment experience so they can worry less and enjoy more.

Our Team Specializes in High-Net-Worth Divorce Financial Planning

We provide specialized, finance-focused advice and strategy to high-net-worth individuals concerned about making costly and unintended mistakes during the divorce process. Our service is designed specifically to optimize the division of the marital estate for high-net-worth individuals.

As professionals with credentials and experience in both divorce finances and financial planning, we are uniquely qualified to help navigate and streamline the divorce settlement process. With a focus on post-separation lifestyle and goals, we can assist in arriving at the most optimal division of the marital estate as well as post-divorce financial planning.

Interview with O’Connor Family Law

I sit down with the CEO and Founder of O’Connor Family Law, Attorney Heather O’Connor, to discuss various tips and tricks for individuals and family law attorneys that can help improve their outcomes following the divorce process.

O’Connor Family Law practices in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. For more information about this video or to become a client of the firm, you can visit familylawma.com or email Caitlyn at [email protected]. Nothing in this video should be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation. This information is not intended to create, and receipt or viewing does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship.

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