Hello, I'm Adam.

I help individual investors achieve better financial outcomes through connected financial planning and tailored investment strategies.

I also assist clients in replacing emotion-based and performance-chasing investing habits with a structured and goal-based financial planning process. Starting with their most important goals, I develop a custom financial plan and investment mix designed to improve the long-term odds of financial success. Using an individualized and planning-based investment approach, my clients enjoy a better investment experience so they can worry less and enjoy more.

Our Team Specializes in Divorce Financial Planning

We provide specialized and finance-focused advice during the divorce process that helps eliminate unintended mistakes and improve post-divorce financial outcomes.

As professionals with credentials and experience in both divorce finances and financial planning, we are uniquely qualified to help navigate and streamline the divorce settlement process. With a focus on post-separation lifestyle and goals, we can assist in arriving at the most optimal division of the marital estate as well as post-divorce financial planning.

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