Meet Wade.

Wade Lopez is the Founder and CEO of Concord Wealth Partners. Wade’s career began immediately upon graduating college and has worked exclusively in wealth management since.

Through his hard work and diligence, Wade developed into the top one percent of producers in the nation’s largest financial planning firm and was named to the Presidential Advisory Council. In 2002, wanting to become “truly” independent, Wade formed what has now become Concord Wealth Partners.

Wade has a core belief that continual education in the profession is not only a necessity, it is a requirement. Everyone at Concord Wealth is required to take classes that can help advance their position within the organization or provide enhanced services to clients. Wade also belongs to the Financial Leadership Council, a long-standing financial think tank of successful advisors within the industry located throughout the United States, and has been a member of the Peak Advisor Alliance for many years.

He and his wife Sheila are very active within the community. They have a passion to help children and Wade is a former president of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Mountain Empire. Wade also serves on the White’s Mill Foundation which is preserving and restoring a historic landmark located in Washington County Virginia.

Concord Wealth Partners was featured in a Forbes magazine promotion called “The Capital Region Financial Leaders”. While the DC area is many miles away from their location in Virginia, Concord Wealth was more than happy to participate in such a prestigious grouping.

Wade’s academic credentials include Certified Financial Planner®, Certified Senior Advisor, and Long Term Care Professional. He holds the FINRA Series 6, 7, 24, and 63 licenses.

Wade and Sheila reside in a home overlooking South Holston Lake. They have two wonderful children, Justin and Carrie. Wade is an avid sports fan and enjoys going to games with friends and family when he and Sheila are not drifting around the lake.

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