Hello, I'm Justin.

I am like your Family’s CFO (Chief Financial Officer). I bring the level of financial care to a family that a CFO would bring to a large corporation. I take the day-to-day stress of managing finances off my clients so that they can focus on their profession and families with no interruptions or distractions. They receive top-tier professional care with a small-town feel.

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Will the Midterm Elections Move Markets?

The midterm elections have come and gone, and although the results don’t appear as one-sided as many predicted, it seems one party will narrowly take control of the House, while the other is proj... read more

The Biggest COLA Increase Since 1981

How well do you remember 1981? Harrison Ford had his first bow as Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Frogger and Donkey Kong were all the rage at video arcades. Bob Ross left the Air Force a... read more

What is Happening with CPI and Inflation?

Believe me, everyone on Wall Street wants inflation to go away, or at least shrink back to below 2%, a level we enjoyed not so long ago.

But Tuesday’s Consumer Price Index report showe... read more

Is Your Home Properly Insured for a Disaster?

For many, their home is the most valuable asset; therefore, it’s critical to have enough insurance coverage. Below are some key points to consider when revising your home insurance policy. read more

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