Hello, I'm Justin.

I am like your Family’s CFO (Chief Financial Officer). I bring the level of financial care to a family that a CFO would bring to a large corporation. I take the day-to-day stress of managing finances off my clients so that they can focus on their profession and families with no interruptions or distractions. They receive top-tier professional care with a small-town feel.

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The Importance of Financial Literacy

Imagine driving a car without knowing how to operate it or understanding the basic rules of the road. Now, consider another equally alarming scenario — one that is all too real: many Americans ar... read more

Fed Presidents Signal an End to Rate Hikes

You may have come across the notion that the Federal Reserve is attempting to “thread the needle” with the economy by raising interest rates in order to moderate growth without triggeri... read more

Budget Bill: The Next “Headline Risk” for Stocks?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “It’s a headline risk for the markets?”

The concept of “headline risk” refers to the potential impact of unsettling news events ... read more

Why the Fed is Focused on Your Paycheck

The Federal Reserve has a dual mandate: to control inflation and to optimize employment. This is fundamental to our national economic health, but these objectives can sometimes appear to conflict w... read more

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